Our Story

Toscana Society Kids was started from a natural progression of Cristina Toscana Products. First was Toscana Society (women's clothing), Cristina Toscana Home (Bed&Bath and Lifestyle) , Toscana Society Marketplace, and we're now excited to offer original designs from Cristina Toscana Designs for KIDS!

Toscana Society Kids celebrates many items that are for both girls and boys, without there being a limit on what a little boy or girl would love to wear. Animals, spaceships or dinosaurs, they're here in pinks, blues, yellows and a rainbow of colors. 

There has been "Society" store for kids waiting to happen, and now we are happy to present "TOSCANA Society Kids!"

Our collections are all made with love by Cristina Toscana Design and other independent designers.

We strive to offer uniqueness and quality pieces for your little one.